Why Orders Fail to Pass Verification and How to Address It

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In an era where digital transactions reign supreme, ensuring a seamless and secure purchase experience is paramount. At XOTIC PC, we are committed to providing this experience. However, sometimes, credit card verifications might fail. This article dives into why this happens and offers solutions to overcome these hurdles, ensuring you get your desired products without a hitch.

1. Why Do Credit Card Verifications Fail?

Credit card verification is a crucial step to ensure the authenticity of a transaction and protect both the buyer and seller from potential fraud. There are several reasons why a verification might fail:

  • Mismatched Information: The most common issue is a discrepancy between the billing address provided and the one the bank has on file.

  • Security Protocols: Banks often have rigorous security protocols. Unusual or high-value transactions, especially if they don't fit your regular spending pattern, can sometimes be flagged.

  • Card Limitations: Some cards may have restrictions for online purchases or might have reached their spending limits.

  • Different Billing and Shipping Addresses: While this isn't always an issue, some banks might flag transactions where the billing and shipping addresses differ, viewing them as potential fraud.

2. Solutions to Navigate Verification Hurdles

a. Use PayPal:

  • PayPal offers an alternative way to process your transaction. You can use PayPal without even creating an account, entering your card details just as you would in a standard credit card transaction. The advantage? PayPal has its own set of security measures and protocols, different from regular credit card transactions, increasing the chances of a successful purchase.

    • Select PayPal as your payment method during the checkout process.
    • Log into your Pay Pal account and add your card or checkout as guest and manually input your card number
    • Complete the payment process using your PayPal account.

b. Other Payment Methods:

  • Bank Wire or Check: These are straightforward methods that bypass the need for credit card verification.

  • Financing: At XOTIC PC, we offer financing options, providing an alternative route to secure your purchase.

c. Address Mismatch? Reach Out:

  • Reach out to your bank / credit card company and confirm your billing address. Replace a new order with the same address as your bank / credit card has on file. This can often aleviate why our security system is flagging your order.   

  • If you suspect the issue might be due to address discrepancies, contact your bank to ensure they have the correct billing address. Furthermore, reach out to us at XOTIC PC. Our dedicated team can offer insights into the specifics of the failed transaction and guide you on rectifying the issue.  

3. Prioritizing Security at XOTIC PC

We understand the importance of security, especially when it comes to financial transactions. Every measure, be it credit card verification or our partnership with trusted payment platforms like PayPal, is designed to ensure the safety of your data and finances.

Contact Us for Assistance

We understand that payment issues can be frustrating, but we're here to help. If you encounter any problems during the ordering process or have questions about alternative payment methods, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. They have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in finding the best solution for your specific situation.


While credit card verification failures can be momentarily frustrating, they stem from protocols designed to protect us all from potential fraud. XOTIC PC is here to assist, guide, and provide alternatives to ensure your purchasing process is smooth. We value both your trust and security, and our team is always available to help navigate any purchasing challenges you may face.

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