Powercycling Desktop Troubleshooting

Modified on Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 05:37 PM

I would try a few things:

1. Turn of the PC and unplug any cables to the machine.
2. Hold the Power button to drain the remaining power.

*Do not do the following in a carpeted location!*

3. Re-seat the cable that goes from the Power Supply into the motherboard.
4. Re-seat the RAM Module. Open the little tabs on the ends of the RAM sticks, carefully slide the RAM out, then click back into place.
5. Re-seat the Graphics Card. You can determine where it is based on where your monitor plugs into the back of the Desktop. Slide it out carefully, then slide back into place.
6. Compressed Air. Dust any vents or parts that have accumulated dust by doing quick bursts of air 8in away from parts. If the can gets cold, stop using it.
7. Close the Desktop. Plug everything back in and see if the Desktop continues to powercycle. Note any sounds or any additional details.

If this does not help, and the PC is still powercycling, fill out an RMA Request Form to have the PC checked out by our RMA Department.

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