Troubleshooting for common wireless problems.

Modified on Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 05:35 PM

-In Device Manager, under Network Adapters, find the wireless card, right-click and select Properties. Go to the power Management tab and uncheck the box that allows the computer to turn off the device to save power. 

-In Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options, find your current plan and click Change Plan Settings, then click Change advanced power settings. In the list expand Wireless Adapter Settings, and then expand Power Saving Mode. Set both on battery and plugged in to Maximum Performance. 

-Reload the wireless driver either from the driver/utility disk or the manufacturer's website. If it was updated to a driver that is not on one of those places (like directly from the card manufacturer) it many not function at its best with the computer. 

-Disable any Antivirus/firewall programs you are running. This is temporary, and I don't expect you to run without AV for long, just to diagnose the problem. If you have no trouble connecting when AV is disabled, it's likely a setting in the AV controls that's causing the problem. 

-From Command Line (CMD) run the command (no quotes) 'netsh winsock reset' 

-On the router end: Update your wireless router's firmware. Do not skip this step just because other devices connect without a problem. Other devices connecting is never evidence enough that the firmware is fine, those devices may just be fully compatible with the existing firmware and not require it to be updated. This is especially true with newer models of wifi card, they will almost certainly require a newer firmware version than your other systems. And phones/handheld devices will pretty much connect to anything, even without updated software/firmware.

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